1st Post!

Today I leave on a two week trip to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and I could not be any more excited to get there and start writing about it. This will be my second trip to Prague but my first trip to Germany and Austria. In the future I will post much more about the planning process before I leave but the last month I was finishing up at my jobs and packing up my whole apartment and moving. So the planning on this particular trip has been more last minute than ones in the past. I tend to overplan though so I am happy that this trip is more open to unexpected experiences and I am interested to see if I will like the spontaneous style better. Either way I am very pumped to be starting my blog that I have thought about doing for years! The goal for me is not to be in anyway famous or become an “influencer.” I truly just love to write and have a passion for seeing the world even on a budget. If five people read my blog I would be just as happy as if it were five million. I have to start loading up to go to the airport so stay tuned for more! My partner will be continuously adding photos of our trip together on my Instagram so please check it out 🙂